Womens Major Singles Final 2021

27th June 2021
By Lesley Afflick
Womens Major Singles 2021

A large crowd gathered to watch the ‘Trio of Finals’ on 27June on yet another sunny winter
Colleen Chaffey was playing Oona Sullivan for the Club Championship Crown of the
Women’s Major Singles.
The game set off in a quick pace with Oona surging ahead as she placed the bowls around
the kitty time and time again. Lots of controlled "oohs & aahs" could be heard from the
crowd, watching on in awe of the talent in this game.
As often happens in games of this calibre, Colleen made a comeback for a while and the
murmurings from the crowd were heard again, obviously wondering if the scores would get
closer and if there would be an upset in the game. Alas, Oona regained her composure and
accuracy, resulting in an ever-increasing lead. With bowls again placed closely around the
kitty and unable to be penetrated Oona won the ‘Crown’ with a final score of 26 to 7.

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