District Senior Pairs 2021

30th April 2021
By Lesley Afflick
District Senior Pairs
The last week in April saw the team of Oona Sullivan (Lead) and Lesley Afflick (Skip) participate in the NDWBA Senior Pairs Championship.
This event saw them compete over 3 days, in 5 games of 3 bowl pairs, with 21 ends per game.  The first day they played one game on grass, the second day 2 games on synthetic and the last day 2 games on grass.
Entering purely for experience, each day brought with it excitement, as they edged closer to the pointy end of the event. This was the first time of bowling together since each joined the Great Merewether Bowling Club!
With the Semi final in hand following a 17/9 win, they headed in for a lunch break before facing the opposition in the final.  At the same time as their steely determination, they had shown in previous games grew, their concentration increased; this demeanour was only interrupted momentarily with quirky grins as they crossed paths at the centre of the rink. Midway through the game they were leading 10/1 when the opposition had success on a few ends increasing the score to 10/5, but the steely determination re-surfaced and they were back on point. The opposition kept commenting they were bowling too well, which increased the fighting spirit rather than it diminishing.
The Final score was 21/9 which wasn’t bad considering the pair had entered ‘just for experience’ and now they are off to the Regionals.

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