Merewether at State Summer League

10th March 2021
By Tony Hughes (Club Patron)
Merewether at State Summer League

We are on a BIG Bowls trip

We are on our way

John, Laraine, Michael, Kay

Hold on we are short a woman

Stick in Tony, Sylvia and Lee-Anne


The bowls is held at Blacktown club

And now comes the nasty rub

The club has grass greens

To all of us that seems

We all know that grass is mighty slow

So when you bowl, just make it go


The club is handy, mighty big

The surrounds are great

Food is bloody ordinary

That’s telling no secret mate


The first team up is Waverley

They played well, this gang of three

Unfortunately, we got done

But our whole team, sure had fun


Now after a really late lunch

We head to the greens

To face the next bunch

They’re from Pottsville way up north

Out we go, we sally forth


Our team it, makes a great start

However their skip is really smart

On one end we hold a few

Their skip hits the Jack

They end up with two

So all in all on the trip

A big enjoy, great weekend

More experience on grass

We need to spend


So as we bid Blacktown good by

We will come back, give another try

Newcastle bowlers don’t give in

We will be back, to claim a win


Thank you companions

Loved the weekend

More time at practise

We all will spend.

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