Presentation Day 2020

13th December 2020
By Leon Chaffey
Presentation Day 2020

The Club wrapped up the 2020 Bowls Formalities on Sunday 13th December with the Presentation of awards, in what was a great afternoon for all those in attendance.



Mens Major Singles Winner: Adam Chaffey. Runner Up: Cal Starrett.
Mens Minor Singles Winner: Kevin Laffey. Runner Up: Cameron Chaffey (absent).


Womens Major Singles Winner: Hilary Jenkins. Runner Up: Kath Cornish.
Womens Minor Singles Winner: Lee-Anne Baxter. Runner Up: Rose Allars.
Womens Consistency Winner: Colleen Chaffey. Runner Up: Kay McMillan.


Mens Pairs Winners: John Snedden & Wal Stefanszyn (absent). Runners Up: Keith Woolett & Adam Jones.
Mens Triples Winners: Adam Jones, Neil Gibson (absent), Dean Jones. Runners Up: Danny Rowe (absent), JImmy Sillett, Peter Burgess (absent).
Mens Fours Winners: Mark Barker, Keith Woollett, Mick Dempsey (absent), Adam Jones. Runners Up: Dave Stuart (absent), Andy Bryson, Cal Starrett, Adam Chaffey.


Womens Pairs Winners: Jo Palmowski & Mary Crump. Runners Up: Hilary Jenkins & Lesley Afflick.
Womens Triples Winners: Colleen Hogg (absent), Betty Guse, Kay McMillan. Runners Up: Sylvia Murray, Laraine Clifford (absent), Dorothy Ramplin.
Womens Fours Winners: Sylvia Murray, Laraine Clifford, Barbara Johns, Dorothy Ramplin. Runners Up: Hilary Jenkins, Lee-Anne Baxter, Maggie Wilkins (absent).


Barry Lawrence Pairs Winners: Koby O'Brien & Al Davis. Runners Up: Neil Baker & Ken Beckett (absent).
Alan Hogg Triples Winners: Kevin Laffey, John Slevin, Neil Baker. Runners Up: Don Burns (absent), Carl Wiseman, Greg Nelmes (absent).


Mixed Fours Winners: Wal Stefanszyn (absent), Rose Allars, Carl Wiseman, Lesley Afflick. Runners Up: Peter Cornish, Kath Cornish, Leon Chaffey, Colleen Chaffey.
Mixed Pairs Winners: Jimmy Sillet & Jo Palmowski. Runners Up: Doug Murray & Sylvia Murray.

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