Womens Minor Singles Final 2020

9th August 2020
By Lesley Afflick
Womens Minor Singles Final 2020

Spectators could be excused for suffering thoughts of de´ja` vu at the start of the Minor Singles Final.
Just a few games ago Lee-Anne Baxter & Rose Allars had been partners in the Women’s Pairs event.
So on this Sunday with a beaut clear blue sky heralding dry weather, the only distractor was the chilly crisp winter wind; which continually changed direction for the whole game!!

Lee-Anne got off to a quick lead, just as Rose would place a close bowl Lee-Anne would sneak in to score another end. As quickly as the wind would change Rose’s fortunes changed as she fought back tenaciously with some great ends.

Never fear, this turn around was like a toreador waving the cape and just as the momentum started to set in Lee-Anne edged her way back with some great shots. At one end the question “what’s the situation” was asked with the response of “ it will be a calliper measure but I favour Rose”. With this thought in her mind, Lee-Anne’s bowl came in to dislodge Rose’s bowl & give Lee-Anne not 1 but 2 shots.

This was a great game to play, watch & mark with a final score of 25/8
Congratulations to Lee-Anne the Winner and well done to Rose the Runner Up in the 2020 Minor Singles.

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