Pennants Game 5

17th March 2020
By Lesley Afflick

Game 5 was set between Adamstown and Merewether; this was a close travel trip for our teams on this occasion.
The day was perfect for a comfortable play, apart from a few sprinkles lasting a few minutes.
Team Red – Lesley Afflick, Lee-Anne Baxter, Hilary Jenkins and Maggie Wilkins, played a tough game on the grass greens. The first few ends entailed finding both the grass and the length on the slower grass compared with our home synthetic greens.
Close throughout the game the home side started to move ahead from around end 12, however RED team came back with a vengeance and came out with a 1 point win.
Team White – Sylvia Murray, Laraine Clifford, Colleen Hogg and Kay McMillan, had to fight hard to get on the scoreboard at first. Well into the game they started to score but it appeared to be too late to comeback against the Adamstown side. Unfortunately, on this occasion, the game of bowls was against them along with the opposition team. Towards the end it was a matter of hoping that team red would score some extra points so that at least the Main Scoreboard was a win for Merewether, however this was not to be and we came away with 2 points and Adamstown scored 3 points – 2 for a team win and 1 for the main scoreboard.
Due to the global issue at the moment this may be the last pennants game for a while, just when we were in a great point score position.

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