Game 3 Tour to Tea Gardens

10th March 2020
By Lesley Afflick
Game 3 Tour to Tea Gardens

Setting off from the club at 7.45am the traffic was heavy but no worries with ‘Lear jet Lee-Anne’ in the driver’s seat. We arrived into a vibrant group of players including two 2 grade teams and of course accompanied by strong winds.
Team white – Sylvia Murray, Laraine Clifford, Colleen Hogg & Kay McMillan – had a battle from the start with ‘planned draws’ turning into rolling bowls reversing a 5 up to a 1 down on multiple occasions.
With 4 ends to go the score was 7 up to Tea Gardens, but with some great bowls the score ended up a 21 all draw.
Team Red – Lesley Afflick, Hilary Jenkins, Maggie Wilkins & Lee-Anne Baxter- had a varied game, up at the beginning until Tea Gardens Blue found their grass & length where they shot to the lead.
With 5 ends to go Tea Gardens were 5 in front. Never fear Red team were there and fought back for a 22 all draw.
A strange outcome with both teams a draw and so the board was also a draw – 42 ends, 22/22 & 21/21 for 2½ points result, bring us to a progressive score of 7.5.

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