First Pennants Game for 2020

5th March 2020
By Lesley Afflick
First Pennants Game for 2020 v Wallsend

The first Pennants game for 2020 was exciting for everyone involved. This game was held at Wallsend on their great grass greens. It took a few ends for us to find the correct grass and we held our own against Wallsend.
As the game progressed the home team had a small lead over Team Red - Lesley Afflick, Hilary Jenkins, Kim Henshaw and Lee-Anne Baxter whilst Team White - Sylvia Murray, Laraine Clifford, Colleen Hogg and Kay McMillan had the lead. As the game came towards the 16 end the tables reversed with Team Red surging ahead and Team White dropping a few points.
However both of the mighty Merewether teams surged home to win. Team White by maintaining a lead of 6 points and Team Red by a lead of 4 points - after a nail biting last end where they were drawn on 15 on end 20.
Overall score was 43/33, what a great start to the season, this event resulted in our club leading the section overall.

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