Competition Results

2018 certainly is the year for Merewether Bowling Club’s Bowls Success!


After a very long 51 years, the Merewether Bowling Club have WON a Pennant Flag!

Congratulations to Four Grad Mid-Week Pennant Team after being the Bridesmaids last year, finally THE WIN!

Winners: (L to R)

Leon Chaffey (Skip), Ron Fleming, Greg Johns, Wayne Mogdon (Skip), Andy Bryson, Callan Starrett, Wal Stefanszyn (Skip), Danny Rowe, Anthony Ferrier, Dave Stuart, John “Sniffles” Snedden & Kenny Madden.


Congratulations to our Four Grade Mid-Week Pennants Team

Runners Up over all!


Featured from Left to Right:

Peter Burges, Ron Flemming, Wayne Mogden, Greg Johns, Doug Schofield, Peter Johnson, John Snedden, Warwick Bourne, John Sleven, Wal Stefenszyn, Callen Starrett & Danny Rowe

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