Club Championship Results

2018 Club Championship Results!


Men’s Major Singles Final:

Runner-up, Greg Johns (L) & Major Singles Champion, Callan Starrett (R)

Merewether on the Green has an undefeated Major Singles Champion two years running! Callan Starrett again proved himself too strong for runner-up, Greg Johns. Callan jumped off to an early lead whilst Greg got warmed up. Brilliant bowl after brilliant bowl, the pair tussled until Callan took charge of the game with long ends to win 31 to 13. A sensational display of sportsmanship and all around great bowling! Congratulations Callan & better luck next year Greg!

By Michelle Bourne – Functions & Promotions Coordinator







Women’s Major Singles Final:

The Ladies of Merewether Bowling Club are unstoppable this year! Nervous energy seems to be the key for one of Merewether’s longest serving lady bowling members, Colleen Hogg, as she defeated new-comer Hillary Jenkins in a nail-biting match! The pair were neck and neck right up to the 20th end before Colleen harnessed those nerves to take out the game, 25 – 16. Congratulations to both lovely ladies! Merewether Bowling Club is lucky to have such talented & gracious Women representing us!


By: Michelle Bourne – Functions & Promotions Coordinator

Women’s Major Singles Final; Winner – Colleen Hogg (L), Marker & President – Lesley Afflick (C), Runner-up – Hilary Jenkins (R)

Major Singles Champion, Colleen Hogg










Men’s Minor Singles Final:

Minor Singles Runner-up, Bob Mason (L) & Minor Singles Winner, Andy Bryson (R)

Congratulations to newcomer & all-around good guy, Andy Bryson who has taken out the Minor Singles Title for 2018!

Runner-up, Bob Mason certainly gave Bryson a “run for his money” in the early stages of the game with his consistent draw shots. However, as Mason’s cheer squad tired, so did he, allowing Bryson to take control of the game. Congratulations Gentlemen! An entertaining game for all spectators. Well done Andy! Better luck next year Bob!

By: Michelle Bourne – Functions & Promotions Coordinator





Women’s Minor Singles Final:

Runner-up, Lesley Afflick (L) & Winner, Kathryn Cornish (R)

Today, history was made! For the first time in many, many years, the Women’s Minor Singles Championship was played at Merewether and wasn’t it grand! Winner, Kathryn Cornish defeated Merewether’s new-comer Lesley Afflick, in style! Whilst the game saw challenging wind changes and tough conditions, the Merewether Women’s Bowling Members certainly made the players feel supported! With a final score of 25 to 12, Kath’s last toucher was indeed the icing on the cake! Congratulations Ladies! So wonderful to see such strong competition!

By Michelle Bourne – Functions & Promotions Coordinator








 Men’s Fours Final:

Men’s Fours Champions 2018 – Kieth Woollett, Mark Baker, Mick Dempsey & Adam Jones

What a turn out! Merewether’s first final of the New Year & if you hadn’t reserved a seat, it was standing room only for you! John

“Sniffles” Sneddon, Wal Stefanszyn, Danny Rowe and Callan Starrett certainly weren’t scared of reigning champions Kieth Woollett, Mark Baker, Mick Dempsey and Adam Jones, as they jumped out of the blocks with an early lead. The “Ohs!” and “Ahs!” from the crowd were certainly an indication of the calibre of bowls played by both teams. The applause from the crowd was just the kick Jones’ team needed to gain the lead. With a very close finish of a 4 shot margin, Jones’ team remain the defending Fours Champions! Congratulations to all, a brilliant and enjoyable game to watch.


By Michelle Bourne – Functions & Promotions Coordinator



Mixed Fours Final:

Mixed Fours Winners (L-R); David Hogg, Colleen Hogg, Doug Scholfield & Kay McMillan

Bridesmaids of the 2017 Mixed Fours Final had gold in their sights this time around! At 23 all on the last end, it was all up to skipper, Doug Scholfield to bring it home for the team. And so he did! Congratulations to Doug, Kay, David & Colleen in defeating runners up, Lesley Afflick, Ted Delbridge, Lee-Anne Baxter and Gary Rowarth. A fabulous effort by all!


By: Michelle Bourne – Functions & Promotions Coordinator





Men’s Pairs Final:

Pairs Champions, Callan Starrett (L) & Wal Stefanszyn (R)

Not even icy winds or freezing temperatures could stop this years Pairs Champions! Winners, Callan Starrett and Wal Stefanszyn defeated runners-up, Bob and Dave Stuart after an exhausting 4 1/2 hour match! With temperatures dropping with the sun, and winds rising with the moon, a battle of the pairs was almost no match to that of the elements. Winners, Starrett and Stefanszyn led early on and managed to maintain this lead right to the finish! Dead-end after dead-end, a score of 26-20 was reached at last! “Man of the Match” was declared to skipper, Wal Stefanszyn with an outstanding performance! Well done to all.


By: Michelle Bourne – Functions and Promotions Coordinator






Women’s Pairs Final:

The Women of Merewether strike again! Yet another first happening in 2018, a Women’s Pairs Championship took place! Runners-up, Jackie Brown and Betty Guse kept winners, Lesley Afflick and Hilary Jenkins on their toes right to the finish! An entertaining game for the many spectators gathered, with cheers for all four ladies and their consistently great bowls. Neck and neck the entire game until Lesley and Hilary took charge on the last four ends to take the win! Congratulations ladies! Merewether BC is lucky to have such outstanding members!


By: Michelle Bourne – Functions and Promotions Coordinator

Runners-up (L to R), Jackie Brown & Betty Guse with Winners, Lesley Afflick & Hilary Jenkins

Women’s Pairs Winners, Lesley Afflick (L) & Hilary Jenkins (R)



Alan Hogg Triples Final:

Alan Hogg Winners: (L – R) John Slevin, Steve Rowe & Carl “Pieman” Wiseman

Congratulations! To the Winners, Carl “The Pieman” Wiseman, John Slevin and Steve Rowe of the Inaugural Alan Hogg Triples. This dynamic trio outplayed runners-up, Arthur Campbell, David Stuart (sub) and Trevor Jenkins with a final score of 24 – 16. Brilliant Spring Weather paired with Brilliant Bowls made for a lovely Sunday afternoon for the many spectators. Congratulations to the Winners & condolences to the losers.


By: Michelle Bourne – Functions and Promotions Coordinator







Winner; Garry Edgar (L) & Runner-up; John Pinkerton (R)

Consistency Final:

The Winner of the 2018 Consistency Final is nothing if not consistent! Congratulations goes to Gary Edgar taking the win from runner-up, John Pinkerton. An extremely close game right up to the last four ends! John is certainly no easy feat with his deadly bowls arm, congratulations Gary!


By: Michelle Bourne – Functions & Promotions Coordinator







Barry Lawrence Pairs :

Barry Lawrence Pairs Winners: Bob Mason (L) & Don Burns (R)

Congratulations go to Bob Mason & Don Burns, the Winners of the Barry Lawrence 3-Bowl Pairs! Defeating runners-up, Peter Johnson & Warwick Bourne in an extremely challenging game! Johnson & Bourne go themselves off to an early lead but Mason’s consistency and perfect draw-shots were just too good. Not even a Warwick Bourne drive could save the runners-up. Congratulations to all. A wonderful game indeed.


By: Michelle Bourne – Functions & Promotions Coordinator









2017 Club Championship Results!

What a year it was…

Major Singles Final:

Major Singles Winner, Callan Starrett (R) & Runner-Up, Peter Burges (L)

Merewether has a new club champion when Callan Starrett outplayed Peter Burgess in the final of the Club Championship.  Peter took the initial lead which lasted for two ends before Callan got his line and length and slowly moved to an unassailable lead.  Peter did have a recovery period in the final stages of the game, but Callan’s lead was the telling factor, to run out a worthy winner 31-18. Callan, Congratulations, well done and to Peter, commiserations and “always look on the bright side of life”-or in other words, there is always next year.

By: David “Buzza” Barrow






Men’s Pairs Final:

Mick Dempsey and Adam Jones – Men’s Pairs Winners 2017

After being bridesmaids four times the Adam Jones/Mick Dempsey combination finally came up triumph in the final of the pair’s championship.  The dynamic duo out played the Steve Rowe/Peter Burgess team in a very convincing manner.  Adam and Mick jumped to a seven point lead after only two ends and by midway had established a 14-6 lead, which they neverrelinquished, crossing the finishing line worthy winners 27 15.  Congratulations go Adam and Mick, whilst commiserations go to Steve and Peter.

By: David “Buzza” Barrow







Men’s Triples Final:

Men’s Triples Champions: Ken Shelswell, Greg Johns & Arthur Campbell (L to R)

Club triples final proved to be an entertaining game, between Arthur Campbell, Ken Shelswell and Greg Johns, who were up against John Sneddon, Peter Cornish and John Calder.  Greg’s side jumped out of the blocks well to set up a good early lead.  By the tenth end John’s team had levelled the scores up, before Greg’s side gained their second wind to lead to the winning post 24-21.To Arthur, Ken and Greg, Congratulations, whilst to John, Peter and John, commiserations, and remember, there’s always next year.

By: David “Buzza” Barrow





 Men’s Fours Final:

Fours Champions (L to R): Kieth Woollett, Peter Burges, Adam Jones & Mick Dempsey

An outstanding win with an all-star team! Kieth, Peter, Mick & Adam demonstrated persistence & perseverance to maintain a commanding win through the game!  Our men’s fours Champions went on to give a good account of themselves losing to the eventual runners up Soldiers Point by a single point in the district club fours championship.

By: David “Buzza” Barrow







Mixed Pairs Final:

A thrilling game that was played to the death! Winners, Wal Stefanszyn and Kay McMillan managed to stay just that one step ahead of runners-up, Bob Stewart and Dorothy Ramplin. With Wal playing the game of his life, with toucher after toucher encouraged partner Kay and made Bob & Dorothy that much more determined. A very big congratulations to both teams, an enjoyable show of sportsmanship all game!


By: Michelle Bourne

Mixed Pairs Winners 2017 – Wal Stefanszyn & Kay McMillan 

Mixed Pairs Final 2017 (L to R): Bob Stuart, Dorothy Ramplin, Kay McMillan & Wal Stefanszyn



Mixed Fours Final:

A nail-biting game for all of those watching our Mixed Fours Final!  An outstanding win by John Bower, Betty Guse, Jacquie Brown & Carl “Pie-man” Wiseman! Great fun & sportsmanship was shown by all! Congratulations to John, Betty, Jacquie & Carl, who kept Kay McMillan, Colleen Hogg, David Hogg & Doug Scholfield on their toes to the very last bowl! Thursday Twilight games are proving to be a success with a wonderful turn-out of supporters!

By: Michelle Bourne

Mixed Fours Final 2017

Mixed Fours Champions (L to R): John Bower, Jacquie Brown, Betty Guse & Carl “Pie-man” Wiseman



Minor Singles Final:

Arthur Campbell – Minor Singles Champion 2017

The final of the Minor Singles Championship has now been run and won. In an entertaining game, Arthur Campbell proved too strong for Wayne Mogdon. Arthur started outstrongly, before Wayne was able to fight back to be 14 all before again moving out to the lead which he held to finally run out a 31-20 winner. Congratulations Arthur and don’t forget Wayne, there’s always next year.


By: David “Buzza” Barrow







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